Kayandra Lewis

In a world filled with possibilities, she stands as a beacon,
inviting others to embrace the fullness of who they are meant to be.

About us

Who We Are

Meet Kayandra Lewis, a passionate Industrial and Systems Engineering student at Kennesaw State University, whose journey is marked by a profound commitment to both academia and creative expression. Kayandra is not just a student; she’s a visionary shaping her world in unique ways.

At Kennesaw State University, Kayandra delves into the intricate world of Industrial and Systems Engineering, where her academic pursuits are driven by a thirst for knowledge and a determination to optimize systems for efficiency. Beyond the classroom, she is a mentee within Vision Prep University, a safe place that develops her leadership, creativity, and spiritual skills. As well as a writer for Anointed Fire Magazine.

My Services

What I Offer

Business Consulting

Welcome to the professional consulting services of Kayandra Lewis, a dedicated Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) student with a passion for optimizing business processes and systems. Kayandra specializes in providing tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and boost overall business success. With a strong foundation in ISYE and a minor in Accounting, Kayandra brings a unique blend of technical expertise and financial acumen to every consulting project.

Life Coaching

Welcome to a dedicated space for adults to explore the intersection of life and faith. Our life coaching services are designed to encourage and empower individuals on their journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Whether you’re a new believer seekingvguidance or a seasoned follower looking to renew your faith we are here to help you solidify your identity in Christ and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.


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